wheelie bin colours

Shawson Plastics supplies the widest range of Wheelie Bins, from 50 litre all the way up to 1100 litre !

The size that most people are familiar with is the 240 litre, these are often found outside our houses, offices and schools.

Shawson Plastics supplies the 240 litre in Black, Charcoal, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange,Red and White.
Did you know, we supply the Black 240 litre Wheelie Bin for only R692-00 each ex VAT !
Please call our sales office on 011 791 9246 for any further information.

Shawson Plastics also supplies replacement wheels and shafts for the 240 litre wheelie bins.

BLACK 240 Litre Wheelie Bin Only R692-00 each ex VAT !https://www.shawsonplastics.co.za/products/dustbins/plastic-dustbins-wheely-bins-and-recycling-bins/wheely-bins-and-accessories/

660 litre wheelie bins
Shawson Plastics supplies the 660 litre and 1100 litre Wheelie Bins in a wonderful range of colours.


These bins have four wheels, the wheels have locking mechanisms to prevent the bins from rolling away when they are parked on an incline.

We also supply optional stickers to put on the wheelie bins.

pedal wheelie bins
Need a “Hands Free” Option ? Shawson Plastics supplies the 120 and 240 litre Wheelie Bins with strong metal foot pedals, which enables the user to open and close the bins without actually touching the bins with hands.
*Ideal for Restaurants and Food Service Operations
*Available in a range of Colours


360 wheelie bin
Available in a Range of Colours. 360 litre makes this a Large Wheelie Bin, ideal for Bulk Waste.

Popular size for Recycling activities, the 100 litre Wheelie Bin, available from Shawson Plastics.

Need a small Wheelie Bin for indoor use ?
Shawson Plastics supplies the 50 litre wheelie bins in a range of colours, ideal for use as an indoor recycling solution.


Please give us a call on 011 791 9246, or click the links above to visit our website and see further information on the great range of Wheelie Bins supplies by Shawson Plastics.