shawson plastics logo Since 1966, Shawson Plastics has established itself as a Household Name for Plastic Feed bins, Buckets and Water Troughs.

What started as us only manufacturing Heavy Duty Feed bins and Buckets, developed into a host of complimentary products, suitable for Horses and Livestock !

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In addition to the famous Heavy Duty feed bins and water buckets, these days we also supply Plastic drums, from 25 litre all the way up to 210 litre, which are used for storing Feed, as these help to prevent rodents from spoiling the animal feed .

*Did you know , most client purchase the 100 litre plastic drum, as they report that this is the best size to accomodate a standard bag of horse feed.


We also manufacture and supply a range of metal Stable Racks, such as Bucket Racks, Feed bin Racks, Hay Racks and even Saddle Racks !

Other products popular with our clients are the Plastic Cavallettis, Wheelie Bins and Large Equine Barrows.

*Did you know? We supply a wide range of wheelie bins, from 50 litre up to 1100 litre sizes!

With regards to our large offering on Feed and Water Troughs, we supply these from 4 litre, all the way up to 190 litre capacity.

We have supplied these products for well over 50 years, and look forward to assisting our valuable clients well into the future !

water trough large shawson

Above, the popular large 190 litre water trough with ball valve and cover , as well as the equivalent feed trough.

These units are very popular to put outside in camps, as they are long (1900mm), and can thus accommodate a number of animals at the same time. Additionaly, they can be put underneath a fence, enabling one trough to service two camps.

The smaller units are often used to mount onto walls inside stables or pens, and many contain drain plugs, for easy draining, as well as rounded corners, which make manual cleaning quick and hygienic.

Above are (from left) 16 litre water trough, includes 2x metal mounting brackets,ball valve and drain. Middle, 4 litre water trough, pre- drilled for easy mounting on a wall with rawlbolts, also includes ball valve and drain. Right,wall mounted water trough with nozzle , this unit is popular for pigs.

We also supply Medium size feed and water troughs, such as the 136 litre option(above left), this unit is popular as the ball valve is mounted in the middle of the unit, thus creating two drinking areas,this enables this trough to be placed under a fence, to service two camps at the same time.

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horse drinking shawson water trough

Please do contact our sales office on 011 792 1916 (South Africa), we look forward to assisting you with your requirements.

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