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SHAWSON PLASTICS supplies many different ranges of guardhouses

With so many different varieties on offer, let us have a look at the different types.


This range comes in three popular sizes, for simplicity, they are known as GUARDHOUSE 1,2 AND 3.

The three sizes come with optional verandahs.

The metal guardhouses come in panel form, meaning that they can be erected on site by the end user (we do supply assembly instructions), or they can be erected on site (Gauteng only) by the installation team (additional cost). The metal guardhouses come complete with windows.

Optional extras, such as electrical plug/light installation, shelving and extra windows are available. These units are cost effective and attractive, with a cream/white body and blue roof as standard. For more information on the metal guardhouse range,including pricing, please click this link

wooden guardhousewooden guardhouse mediumWOODEN GUARDHOUSES

SHAWSON PLASTICS supplies a range of Wooden Guardhouses, popular for use in suburbs.

These wooden units come with optional verandahs.

A popular feature of these wooden guardhouses are the “stable doors”, where the top half of the door can be open, while the bottom half is closed.

This range is available in large sizes, with optional partitions supplied, to turn the inside of the wooden guardhouse into two seperate areas.

The wooden guardhouses

are delivered to your site semi complete, and erected on site by the installation team (Gauteng only). Bricks can be supplied to raise the units off the ground (recommended).

For more information on this range of Wooden Guardhouses, including prices, please click this link

guardhouses fibreglassmedium fibreglass guardhouseinside fibreglass guardhouse FIBREGLASS GUARDHOUSES

The Fibreglass range of Guardhouses are popular with Mines, they are more suited as long term solutions, with the fibreglass having a long service life.

These units are heavy, so it is recommended that once they are installed on site, they are not moved around to additional sites, as this is labour intensive.

The fibreglass range of guardhouse come with many optional extras,such as different sizes and styles of windows, electrical installations,internal and external lighting, airvents, etc.

The fibreglass guardhouse range available from Shawson Plastics come in standard white, however colours can be supplied on request.

For more information on the fibreglass range of guardhouses supplied by Shawson Plastics, please click this link

For Temporary Guardhouse solutions, such as on a construction site, Shawson Plastics also supplies small Plastic Guardhouses

plastic guardhouse 1basic plastic guardhouse