strong armLooking for a Tough Bucket?

Do you Need a Bucket Which is a Heavy Lifter, up to Any Task?

Shawson Plastics can assist you with Heavy Duty Plastic Buckets, Strong Enough for Any Application ! For more information on these buckets, such as pricing and sizes, please click this link

What makes our buckets So Tough ?

Shawson Plastics Manufactures our range of Plastic Buckets with the end user in Mind, we know that Since 1966, our clients have trusted us to supply plastic buckets which are ideal for Animal Feeding,Construction,Mining and Industrial Applications.

We are So Confident in the Strength of Our Buckets, we made this video below, to not only show you the Range, but to also show you how they stand up to a Solid Concrete Floor ! Please watch Below:

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*Our Buckets are made from LLDPE Material, meaning they are Super Strong (the wall thickness of our buckets is 6-8mm thick!) This LLDPE Material means that our Buckets will not crack or break, they are also U.V. Stabilised, meaning they can stand up to the Harsh African Sun, providing you with many years of Service !

*Our buckets are fitted with a Metal Handle, so the handle wont break if you are loading the bucket with Heavy Materials ! We also provide a handy finger grip in the bottom of the buckets, for Easy Pouring.

We manufacture the following sizes of Heavy Duty Plastic Buckets: 5 litre, 10 litre, 14 litre, 17 litre, 20 litre, 25 litre, 30 litre.

Customers love our Buckets for Feeding Animals or using as Water Buckets, they also use them for construction, demolition and even Rock Samples !

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