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Shawson Plastics offers a huge product range as diverse as our customers. Whether you are looking for products to use in your stables, your home, on the farm or at your workplace, we have it all. In addition to the plastics side, we also stock a full range of quality lawn-mower blades for all the popular brands, as well as stocking a comprehensive range of steel products, roofing fasteners, nuts, bolts and washers.

We supply customers in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi. We encourage our customers to collect directly from our factory, but should you need us to deliver, we will gladly do so. Please note however that a delivery charge of 17% of the total value of the order will apply. For long distance deliveries, the charge will be quoted by the courier concerned. All our quoted prices are exclusive of vat.

If you would like a complete price list of all product ranges, you can download it from our Downloads Section

Equine Products

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We manufacture a wide range of hay racks, feed and water troughs, and many other top quality products for your stabling needs. Our equine products are manufactured with ease of use and safety in mind.

Pet and Animal Care

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Whether you keep pets at home or livestock on the farm, we offer a full selection of animal care products. Everything from bowls and kennels for dogs and cats, to troughs and feeders for livestock can be found here!

100% Recycled Plastic Furniture and Products

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All new product category!

Dustbins,Wheely bins and Recycling Bins


We assemble Wheely Bins, various Dustbins and Compost Bins. We also stock liner bags for our bins.

Portable Sanitation

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Our Portable Sanitation range includes various types of portable toilets, from polyloos and showers to camper and caravan toilets, as well as compact sanitary pails and "army lillies" (Portable Urinals).


View our Bucket range

One of the most useful tools in the world. We manufacture buckets in sizes ranging from five litres to thirty litres, and in various shapes, with or without lids and pouring spouts.

Water, Septic and
Fuel Tanks

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From two hundred and fifty litres to a whopping ten thousand litres, you are sure to find the right sized water tank for your needs. We have both vertical and horizontal type water tanks, as well as roof supply tanks.


View Drums range

We stock drums in sizes from twenty five litres to two hundred and twenty litres, as well as chemical drums from fifty litres to two hundred and twenty litres.

Lawnmower Products

View Lawnmower Products

Our Lawnmower Products section consists of a massive range of lawnmower blades and accessories for just about every brand of lawnmower on the market. Have a look and see for yourself!

Boxes and Trays

View our Boxes and Trays

We manufacture boxes and trays in many shapes and sizes. Our boxes and trays include locker boxes, waste paper boxes, mixer boxes, compartment boxes, butchers trays and more!


View Guardhouses

We manufacture our guardhouses from the same durable, heavy duty plastics as our portable toilet and shower products.


View Miscellaneous Products

Our Miscellaneous section contains a huge assortment of nuts and bolts, various sized traffic cones and telephone hoods, as well as extras and replacement parts

Traffic Management

View Traffic Management Products

All the products you need for effective traffic management.

Garden and Home

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In our Garden and Home range we offer shrub pots, plastic ponds which can also be used as sandpits or even water features, as well as a specialized plastic wheel barrow/water tank combination.

Awesome Plastic Flooring Tiles

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AWESOME PLASTIC FLOORING TILES, available in budget black or funky colours, your imagination is the only limit!

Galvanised Buckets and Bins

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All new product category!

Fibreglass Modular Buildings

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We supply a range of modular fiberglass buildings which can be used for a variety of applications, such as control rooms,laboratories,store-rooms, toilet/shower facilities,accommodation and even for retailing. LOW COST,QUICK PRODUCTION TIME AND CUSTOMISABLE WITH OUR LIST OF OPTIONAL EXTRAS!!


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All new product category!

Plastic Liquid
Storage Cans

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DO YOU NEED PLASTIC BOTTLES OR CANS? Shawson Plastics is well known in Southern Africa as a leading supplier of plastic containers for the Chemical, Water Storage and Edible Oil industries.

Fuel and
Diesel Tanks

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Keep your operations running with a tank from Shawson!

Heavy-Duty Rubber Bins &

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Exclusive Range of Heavy - Duty Rubber Bins and Buckets available from Shawson - made from strong tyre rubber.